No, thank you...

So who could be surprised when Gail Davis, a woman in Orpington, England, picked up the phone, listened to someone offering her a prize, and immediately replied, "Thank you very much; I'm not interested"?

The only problem was that the caller really was someone from Apple and Davis really had won a prize. For her household was, indeed, the one from which the 10 billionth app had been downloaded from Apple's app store.

Yes, yes - she called Apple back and made nice. All is well and Gail is a very happy girl but have you ever been in her shoes? I have. I have my standard, We don't do any business on the phone, and if they persist, I hang up. Most of the time, I am hung up on before I can do any hanging up of my own but I imagine that is the mindset of those who make a living calling us at dinnertime.

I have done the same thing with the mail. Got a letter once that looked like one of those millions of bank credit cards approval letters but it was a Visa rebate that I had been expected. I had to call the company, tell them what I did and ask for a second chance and they obliged.

We are all skeptical. Some of us, more than others. I would have reacted exactly like Gail did and I had been trying to win the Apple 10 Billion App download too. Like Gail, it never would have dawned on me, that I might win it.

If we aren't open to joy, it won't come our way.
If we aren't open to love, it won't come our way.
If we aren't open to all that is available to us, it won't come our way because we won't recognize it.

Good lesson for all of us. Let's all take a back seat to, No, thank you and use it sparingly...