juror 424...

I have waited with you
every night in January
listening for your number.
You almost made it through,
but with 6 days to go,
juror 424 was called up
and off you went.

Don't know what went wrong,
but somehow,you were chosen.
That really surprised me,
one look at you,
and small animals and children
usually run away.

Domestic violence.
You watched a woman, teen girl and 6 year old,
who wanted to protect his family with his karate moves,
testify against husband and father.
My first thought was, what kind of man?
would allow and put his family through this.

For a day and a 1/2, you listened to testimony.
Then deliberations for a few more hours.
a mistrial.
I was very proud of your observations,
while trying to bring common sense into the jury room,
yet it was not to be.
We all come from very different walks of life.
and a jury maybe the one place where votes do count.

I hope there is no retribution,
for that woman, teen and little boy.
They have lived enough life already,
to know that life isn't fair.
I hope, it serves them well.
You did the best you could.
Now come home,Juror 424, your dinner is ready...