Ah... here we are. 2011.

We made it through a great Christmas, the fab holiday week between holidays when everyone is still looking back at Christmas or looking ahead to New Years Eve. then there was the first day of 2011.

One. One. One. One. Interesting little number combo. All in all, quite a great way to end the year. Tomorrow life for most of us will go back to normal, back to work and back to school. I will be starting my descent into my least favorite month but that seems to be changing. Have been doing some rethinking about my lack of love for January and will admit that if my location was not a factor, January may rival some of the love I feel for July and August. Great sales in January, good time to stock up on towels and maybe a duvet cover. Even though my personal calendar starts in September, I can be on board with the world and see how January has some validity, even seniority in that arena.

unplugged... I always look for one word to define a beginning year and this one, just showed up. When I think of unplugged, I think of an artist who is taking a softer approach to their music. Wasn't sure how this would translate but it soon became apparent that is had to do with not necessarily becoming a softer me, although that may wind up to be part of the process but rather to unplug from things in my life that are not working, yet persist because I am still attached. That is all I understand for now and look forward to seeing how it plays out.

unplugged adjective
1. Not plugged in
2. Using acoustic instruments, especially in lieu of electric ones. (Wiktionary)

So, I will take my definitions and my comprehension on this New Year's journey and see where it goes. What might being unplugged and non-electric feel like? I can't wait to find out...