full disclosure...

Do I post everything that happens in my life?
How does one choose what to tell and what to hold back?
It's all in the way you see things.

My friend, Miss A shared a great Jake Story tonight. It might not have been her most proud Moment but Mr Dille and I shared a tear-filled belly laugh and Jake is my new hero. Guts and glory, all wrapped up in a wonderful little boy!

Every Friday in Mrs Davis 2nd grade class,(the most awesome teacher in the world according to Gage and nana)a student is spotlighted. A complete bulletin board, fill ed with photos and favorites information, a Q&A with the student, adjectives written on the overhead of attributes of said wonderful students and a letter from each child/parents/siblings/nana telling said wonderful kid, what we like/love about them. Unlike the kids who have been doing this every week, this was my first rodeo and it seemed very magical to me. Along with adorable(Gage's description of chosen photos to go on said bulletin board)photos of gage and his family, he included a photobooth strip he had of me and him. I couldn't have felt more honored, what a kid!

Later on, during the Q&A portion of the program, someone asked him what his favorite planet was? I knew the answer before he said it, Uranus, he replied. Of course it is. Proud? Could not have been prouder.

When you know who you are and are able to lay it all out, that is my kind of person. Warts and all, this is who we are. Black and white, dark and light, never picture perfect nor mortality flawed - it is about accepting ourselves, laughing when we can, correcting when we must. Full disclosure is not needed, except to ourselves - to grow and be the best person ever. Thanks Jake and Gage for leading the way...