Dear January,

Here we are a few days in and it really hasn't been too bad. I also haven't been outside much. Have to go to the grocery store tomorrow and an iPad party the next day so hopefully, we keep this working relationship going.

I don't remember having an adversarial relationship with you while growing up in California. I do, however, remember hating Sundays. School the next day but mainly Sunday was hair washing night and always, always was a bad time. Apparently, buying hair detangler wasn't an option. It took many years for Sunday not to be a cuss word but now, Sunday and I are quite compatible. No hard feelings on either side and we seem to be sharing a bit of the good stuff. Sunday will never be Friday but she isn't trying to be, and she is a lover not a fighter.

But, back to you Miss January. It would appear that my judgement of you is tied up in weather. The snow, the cold, the dark days. I learned to dislike you the first year I moved here and it is just this year, that I am trying to see beyond what I don't like about you, to seeing the good in you. I am finding more than I believed was ever possible. Not sure where all this good will is coming from but I rather like it.

I might backslide, hear that snow is predicted for the weekend. I don't have to tell you that life doesn't go in a straight line. Thanks for sharing some time with me and being such a gracious listener. I know you have heard it all, there is nothing new I can say to you that you haven't heard. Thank you, Miss January, for everything.