joy box...

Pay it forward 2011- I promise to send something homemade to the first 5 people who comment on this status. In turn you must post this as your status and make the same promise 。◕‿◕。 the rule is it must be homemade and it has to be given sometime in 2011/Miss K

Found this on Facebook last week and loved the idea. Lots of things swirling around in my brain. Different mediums, digital, physical, food - the possibilities are endless. I love just thinking about it.

I think deep down, we all like, maybe even prefer homemade gifts. For about a month before Christmas, every time I saw Gage, he was keenly interested in my bath routine.

Do you like to take baths?
Do you take baths?
Ok, well I have Something for you.

Christmas morning, I opened a beautifully decorated bag filled with a jar of homemade bath salts, made and given by Gage. Neither of us could have been more proud. This gift, I will need to use. Many others, from cards to small, homemade gifts, pieces of paper to papers that have been specially made for me.

I have containers of all kinds under my bed, in the top of my office closet - of things given to me by people, BIG and little. Years ago, a few of us stumbled across the idea of a Joy Box. One of our dear friend's very talented husband's made these gorgeous boxes for each of us where we could put away precious things to be brought out occasionally to remind us, how lucky we really are. I have many Joy boxes now. Wood, paper, hat boxes, trunks - overflowing with reminders of the Love that surround me. It doesn't take too long while cruising through one of these boxes, to feel the Love.

Back to the Pay It Forward 2011, after a few days I am sorry that no one wants to take up my offer. I admit I did think about Miss K's offer for a minutes but in the end, decided it was worth it - to take a chance. Miss K asked for our addresses and soon, I will have something new for my joy box. I can hardly wait, maybe this was only for me, a way to take a chance, risk putting myself out there. I am way ok with that, as I have said many times, everything is not for everybody.

Ah...a great way to bond with Miss January. I have already experienced living and doing the unplugged life this year, not always comfortable but already seeing the necessity of doing so. Baby steps, you are either moving forward or backward, neutral is not an option...for long.