in 12 days, it will official be fall. Every warm day after that should remind us of why some of us love it so.

It never occurs to me that winter is on its way, that is one of the lovely side effects of fall. I am lost in the color, the breeze and the smells of fall that cold, and snow are on its way may be in the back of my mind but never affect the euphoria, that is fall.

Time for hay rides at Linder Farms. picture of the kids in the pumpkin patch, hot cocoa, slippers, reading in front of the fireplace, chili and feeling the wind in your face. When you walk outside, the hot dry air that comes roarin gat you is replaced by wind and falling leaves.

There are few things in life that affect us the way weather does. Those who love winter have very little in common with those of us who would prefer to hibernate for the entire season. I love that there is a Place of each of us. We don't have to agree, or participate but there is a lot to be said for encouragement and respect. Winter People, I love you.