women and crowns...

I have not been shy about my feelings about women. My first experience was a bad one and lasted until almost my 17th birthday. Little did I understand that it would be still affect me for many years and therapy would be needed to come to terms with it.

In my late 20's, with the advent of going to church, I began to be open to women-type things. Retreats, lunches and other church lady stuff. Never quite comfortable until at a women's retreat, one who would become a dear friend of mine, told me to gear down 10 years ( women who were 10 years younger than me). That advice has proved to be invaluable, through the years. Totally, changed my life.

Except for one, all my girlfriends have come through church. They have filled in the blanks I have missed over the years. Having to play catch up was not Something I saw coming but when you miss a whole chapter in your life, that is Something you have to remedy.

So here I am, barely into my 60's and finding that there are still lessons are, to be learned.

It is alright to be a girl.
It is alright to be a princess.
It is very good to be Queen, of your family.

To me, the lesson is clear. Not only are you the one to whom will defend and fight for your family, you are not one to be messed with. I always thought the crown sent a message of not being serious by it just may be the opposite and that is Something I certainly agree we. Mess with my family, and you will have me and the crown, to answer too. Enter at your own risk...