you saw what?

I have always said that 5 miles in any direction of where I live, you can find an adventure. As we were going through the back roads, this tepee with its full field to do tepee-things magically, appeared. The house sits back from the road, overshadowed by the obvious meeting place.

A few miles down the road and you will find a plastic deer sitting on a front porch. Someone with a sense of humor or crazy nut job. I am not brave enough to walk up to the front door to ask. Some Stories should not be told.

I have plenty of those too. When a conversation was headed for a shareathon a while ago, I turned to DH and told him it was late enough and we were not drunk enough to tell The Story. He understood perfectly but I can imagine, sitting around the fire at Camp Tepee, with a little bit of liquid refreshment and the right crowd, and the Story being told. That I can imagine. We all have them, and we should all keep them to ourselves, mostly...