ready to go...

It all started with a text at 914am.

Keaton, Whats Up?

As he would say later in the day, you've got to be bored to text your nana on saturday morning.

No offense, he would quickly add. None taken, and I meant it.

Through about a dozen text, it would seem that all three kids were available for a quick lunch. That is usually not the case, they are older now. Gage had two birthday parties to go to this weekend, Keaton has mowing duties and Miss M, has girl stuff. Luckily for me, all three were free for a bit so off we went.

Now that they are older, the choices are more difficult. Even choosing somewhere for lunch was not an easy process. Trying to find somewhere we could talk, Gage asked for no fast food, Mexican and Chinese were still fresh in their minds but we finally came to a meeting of the minds for FuddRuckers. For those of you who don't a FR close, it is a hamburger place where you get to pick your HB accessories, bottomless fries and the coolest soda fountain. It looks like some thing the Jetson family would get their Coke from. 12 kinds of Mello Yellow and 7 kinds of Caffeine Free Diet Coke, a first in my book.

We had a great lunch and got Gage back home in time to get ready for his party. Settled into watching the BSU game and picked him up a few hours later. First thing he asked was, What is the score? Was on the phone with Poppa and got to give him him an immediate update. He went to a birthday party for his friend when he would rather be home watcing the game. He made the time. He was ready to go, just like I was when there was a change of plan. Be flexible, be ready to go, always...