Most of us don't make our living on being able to solely on multitasking. This gentleman is the expection.

We all multitask at some time, on some level. It is built into the human condition. Some do it better than others, I would dare say that women do it not only better than men but have a broader range of being able to do tasks that are completely unrelated to each other. It is part of the Woman gene pool.

On the other hand, because men live more with easily with their emotions, and can seperate the important from the essential, perhaps with a bit more broad approach, they come in handy also.

I am sure I have offend both men and women with the two paragraphs above. Whilte there are always exceptions to every rule, generalities are what I am describing now.

All that to say this, learn what your strengths are. Don't worry if you can't keep up with your SIL or if your friend's house is always, always neat and tidy and she has kids too. You have been given what you need to start, and then along the Journey, you ask for more. If you run ahead, trying to do in all on your own, you may run into trouble. Baby Steps, if you understand that you can never run ahead and get an extra grip, or whatever you are looking for, then when the Bad Things come, you understand the concept of asking for more. We humans were never meant to store up tasks, emotions and dare I say, most anything. Look at a child, they live in the Moment. We lose that skill as we grow up. We need to be reminded every day. There are Times and Places for thinking about the Big Picture, for today all we need is for this very Moment and while it might seem that surely, we have enough to get through this day, I think that would be thinking that might not hold water.

Today, I am doing ok. DH has a temporary, part time job with long hours. The first few days, I wanted him to quit and stay home with me. I had gotten use to him being here. Monday, I need some new skills because what I was doing, was not working. New skills asked for and thought process changed. Will get through this couple of months and get on with retirement. Funny, how we can unlearn what we would have sworn was ingrained...