love the one you're with...

...the decision on how we choose to live this one short, precious life. The decision to stop hitting the snooze button. The willingness not to be good at things right away, to be clueless but committed; to make more messes and mistakes in the interest of living with spaciousness and a sense of presence; to find out who we truly are, who we were born to be, and to learn to love that screwed up, disappointing, heartbreakingly dear self of ours. Anne Lamott.

Does it seem to you that this whole willingness stuff, starts with ourselves?

It the reason we are stuck, does it start at our emotional front door?

Am I my best friend or my worst enemy?

I am finally at an age where I trust myself enough to do Something and if it turns out to the be the wrong decision, or a course correction needs to be made, I know I can do it. No more self condemnation or second guessing the first choice. If I have to say, I am sorry, please forgive me - I can and will. Old enough to know what I can live with and what I can't live with. My choices are not based on senority or favortism, they are based on what needs to be done, in the Moment.

I have come to an understanding about myself, I am just alright. Not perfect but kind, flexible and willing to help. Am I perfect? Far from it but I can live with that. When it counts, I hope to be the best I can be. That is all I can expect, and that, I can live with...