tethering - connecting one to another.

Found myself heartsick this morning, reading an email from one who needed a big hug. I can't get to her, she can't get to me. We share the Love of God, we both know He is here, no matter what but Sometimes, we all need to see/feel, Jesus with skin.

When someone feel helpless, when their faith has been crushed,and their hearts bruised, those of us who stand with them have the ability to stand in the gap. I immediately tethered her to me and I reached out, praising God for His Love. I have been where she is at and don't wish it upon my greatest enemy.

Fatih most certainly, waves and faints. The winds and sometimes, the tornadoes of life bend us until we think we can take no more. We are beaten down, branches on the ground. The scene is horrific. What we can't see is the roots. The roots, below the ground whose job it is to dig deep, to provide solid strength for when the winds come.

Invisible to the naked eye, we forget about the roots, who thrive in darkness and work around the clock, to steady the tree. When the winds come, and they always do, to each of us, we battle and it seems we are fighting a losing battle.

Hang on, your roots run deep
Hang on, it is not over.
Hang on, I know things don't look very good right now, but don't worry because I'm going to be alright...