non profit...

DH and I were talking the other day about if things we would like to do if we had means and he said he thinking Non-profit insurance.

I loved his idea. I'm thinking cars, houses - later on, I would find out he meant, medical insurance.

Whether a church, business or even personal finances, your base drives what you do. It is about money. If money is not an issue, the rules of the game can be different. If you don't need to generate an income, how would your model change?

We all need to make money to do what we need to do but after that, whatever that looks like to each of us, what have we sacrificed in mind, body and spirit. If money is not the motivator, what would our personal model look like. If we could think outside the box with no concern for our well-being tied to it, what would our lives looks like? How would they affect others? Could and would we do more for each other?

If we were not so busy chasing our own tails, worring about how we are going to pay for this and that, how would that change the world? The truth is money is a short term and long term motivater. It is a constant in each of our worlds. Are we better people when it is not part of Something we are involved in? Can we look at our lives and see what ratio we live in profit and nonprofit? What ratio should it be? Should it be lopsided? Should we forget about winning the lottery and and do small things?

I love talking photos and when I got my first DSLR, is was about taking photos of my grandkids. Then the thought occured to me, I could make money taking photos of other peoples kids,and gks. The whole process changed, and I had to look at it from a business stand point. After a while, my focus changed. Was I willing to be available on a Saturday afternoon at 430PM when that was the only time a customer could get the whole family together? For me, that price was too high to pay. I went back to taking photos when and where I wanted to. With that change, also came a change in focus. Anytime you add or subtract the issue of money, the focus changes. It has to, and we must each decide on many different levels, where we want to focus. I admit, I would rather live in the non profit world all the time but that is not reasonsable but what is reasonable it understanding that we have a choice and that we exercise that choice. Make it your own...