Smith Summer Olymipcs...

Spent yesterday at the most fun party! Aunt Bebe had us all join in in Carry A Pototo Between Your Legs And Drop It In The Bucket. There was also the Hula Hoop, two at a time so we could each show off your talent, or lack of. It was a wonderful day of family fun and the neighbors, two doors down, ending the night with a live band and there were some smooth moves going on in our yard.

It was such a joy to share this time with kids and Big Kids. Our world doesn't come by it naturally. Aunt Bebe loves her iPad as much as I do but she understands the idea of community, on a greater level. Even the dog, joined in on the fun and as usual, we are told, it will take her several days to recuperate from having the cousins over. but she wouldn't have it any other way.

Some by blood, some by marriage, we are family. We share the joys and the pain. There is laughter, galore. 280 photos later, one can relive the day. The smiles on the the kid's faces, the yummy food, the Stories sharing - Naked in the Northwest. What a day! Thank you, Aunt Bebe, we could not have had a better time!