Bus Driver, Move that bus!

It was 99 degrees last night and we got in line about 715PM to ride the bus out to the Middleton Extreme Makeover house. Our nice tour lady explained that Ty had gone to Corvalles, Oregon and that the other designers had gone to take pictures of the Idaho sign near Ontario and would pick up Ty and bring him back to the site. They said he got there as we were all shuttled back to the high school, the end of the spectator train so the crew could kick it into high gear.

It really was fun. There is a lot of nothing on TV and this little program makes you feel good about what we can do when we act as a community. The shuttle bus was filled from people from all walks of life. The kids were hot but loved the adventure. The reveal will be on Wednesday between 1-3PM, 5 PM at the latest. Most other families go on vacation while their houses are being built but these guys went to a children's hospital to find out more about their 4 children's rare conditions. It is truly a labor of love and seeing people at their finest. I have never seen so many volunteers in my life. The show will air Oct 14 and we will get to see the Big Picture.

Tomorrow night is the Hoedown with all proceeds to help the family with medical costs. Cameras in tow, we are ready to party!!!