a good day...

Brandi called Saturday night and said Gage was having Big Time eye issues. Gooey green stuff in the corners and he was asking for meds to make the hurting stop. It was late, almost 9PM, and not much anyone could do. I couldn't believe it - Friday was the Chad and Brandi's 10th wedding anniversary so I had spent the night with the kids and never saw anything wrong with his eye. We had a wedding reception to go to in the afternoon so after cinnamon rolls for breakfast and pizza for lunch, we started getting ready. The boys are pretty easy, Miss M takes a bit more time - she has so much hair now, it takes a little longer. You would think with me wearing pigtails or ponytails 7 days a week, I would be better at it - yet, that would not be the case.
Mommy and daddy came home early - they didn't think it was fair that I had the three kids by myself to take to a social event. I know Keaton was disappointed - he was looking forward to cake and like his nana, we don't miss many opportunities that are cake-related. They went their way and I went to the reception by myself. I remember standing on the big wrap around porch at Brandi and Chad's wedding, thinking where we would all be 10 years from now and which of my friend's kids wedding would I be going to. It didn't come in the order that I expected. The reception this weekend and the wedding coming up this weekend - they all went thru my mind on the porch on that night. Doesn't seem like 10 years ago - how did it go so fast?
Well, Mr One Eye woke up today and only had a slit to see out of. Dr D and Mrs D were too kind, we followed them to their office and they fixed him up. Because he was such a good boy and did everything that Dr D asked, we left to have a celebration snack at Sonic. He had brought his army stuff so we ordered our snack and laid out our army stuff right their at Sonic and had a great time. As we are playing, Gage looks at me and say, This is a Good Day!
Can't argue with that kind of logic. If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be spending a Sunday morning at Sonic , playing army and having a Hot Fudge sundae plus a Diet Coke with the greatest 4 yr old in the world, I would have said, That will be a Good Day!