strike a pose...

I have had a slew of pictures to play with this weekend from a wedding shoot on Saturday. These little princess girls were in their element. They twirled around over and over, for no apparent reason other than complete joy.

We have all been to enough weddings to pretty much know, the basic premise. The differences comes in the details. Each wedding has its own flavor. Guests and wedding planners set the tone and we all just follow. The photographer of any nuptial event has been given the daunting task of deciding which memories are worthy of making it in to the proofs.

The photographs of the bride and groom are about documentation. Hopefully, you get a few unconventional shots but mainly, this it the time for formal shots. These will be the photos that will stay in the family album and decorate the walls along the staircase forever. After the formal shots are done, its time to party with the camera and shoot the other side of a wedding.

These little girl were running around like it was their wedding. I came up to them and just said, " Ladies, Strike a pose!" and they gave me the most FABulous shot. There is just something about girls and weddings. It really can't be explained - it must be part of the feminine DNA that brings out the soft side and makes us all giggly.

It also is a time for each of us to remember our own weddings. You can't help it. You remember and you think about where you are today and where you might be tomorrow. For women, it is a time to do what comes naturally to us - pitch in and do what you can to help. It is my favorite part of any wedding, working in the kitchen after the reception, cleaning up and sharing women words.

Strike a pose - we girls are good at it. We can do it anytime, anywhere and are more than happy to do so...