from the desk of...

This isn't a picture of my desk but it could be. Surrounded by those things I love, searching the world on the internet, one screen at a time. It is my favorite non- person place to be.

Reading my blogs, checking in on Twitter and FB - all I need to know it right there.

Today, I am looking for updates on Elijah Moore. He is one of the great kids on the KKSM skate team that is fighting for his life. In a come and renal failure, it isn't looking good. We are all praying for him and his wife. God is good all the time, all the time, God is good.

I will check in with my 50 or so blogs. Last night, I found Chocolate Banana No Ice Cream and it is in my freezer now. Later on, I learned that Patrick Swayze had lost his battle with cancer. He will be Dirty Dancing to me forever.

The story about that poor student killed on campus at Yale. Found stuffed in a wall in a lab on what was to be her wedding day. There will always be an ache in our hearts when we hear these Stories and we will continue to hear thsese Stories. What a thing to count on.

A quick dash on Redbox to see what's new and checked out a few digi sites. Miss Holliewood has a new kit out and on sale. Guess you can figure out how that ended.

I have had this desk for over 15 years. It is 78 inches long and has two drawers. It has ruined me for any other computer desk. Wide and spread out, enough room for what I need and what I need that I don't know about yet. My Sally Jean necklace collection sits on a black statue right next to my 1 1/2 terabyte external HD. It is a beautiful thing.

The phone just rang. My sister fell at work and crushed her right hand. Her husband is out of town and she needs her dishes done today and a ride to the surgeon tomorrow. Looks like it is time for Real Life. Have a great day...