4 - 1 = a little sad,,,

A belated anniversary weekend was badly needed for mommy and daddy. The first plan was for poppa and I to go over and spend the night with the kids and Banjo. There was going to be swimming, ice cream and whose knows what else. That plan was in full effect until poppa;s schedule changed and he had to work. I know I am off the wall when he tells me me that his guy had a death in the family and I wondered how to get around it. Was J really that close to his uncle? Feeling a bit ashamed of myself, couldn't help but trying to figure out how not to go to Plan B.

Alas, I came to my senses and thought, we might have to tweek our plans but it would all be fine. When mommy and daddy found out it would be 3 against one, they called for back up. Keaton would go to his other grandma's and then mommy and daddy wouldn't have to worry and could enjoy their weekend. Again, not that it is all about me, but admit that right about now, I am feeling the pain.

Miss M, Gage and I had a great time. There was that headbutting incident but I am fine. Sonic at 9PM, blankets all over the floor and a couple games of UNO - we were good. Invited Grandma and Keaton the movies on Saturday and must say that sitting by my 11 year old for a couple hours, did my heart good. Selena Gomez is cuter than Demi Lovato, which I had guessed was the case and a shoulder to lend him when he needed one.

In the end, everyone got what they needed. A little give and take and less whining would have been nice, but I wasn't ready for that. Maybe, next time...