Me o'clock...

Sometimes, you have to be your own white knight...Fiona/Burn Notice.

One of my favorite bloggers has been on a weight loss/running Season of her life and has been sharing how it looks to her. Running is not my thing because it is in the exercise family of which I have no natural DNA but it has been watching her grow and stretch but I got a chill that other day when she said something about, this time, it feels different.

The hair on the back of my neck stood straight up and I had a feeling that all might be lost. Don't get me wrong, I wish her the best and I hope I am wrong but my personal experience with TTIFD is that it is the start of a downward spiral.

Well, I've found my moving buddy... Jessie/Toy Story 2. After seeing Buzz in action for the first time.

It is Day 9 for me and my new moving buddy. I bought a new exercise bike and have been on it every day for 7 days, twice a day and the other 2, once. Haven't missed a day. I say new because all the rest of my exercise machine history have been less than ideal. New means no noise and I can get it done at 400am...and have. Having a bit of trouble with tailbone pain but am backing off twice a day until I get the pain under control.

Will I do it every day for the rest of my life? I hope so but will not say the dread TTIFD. I have learned that it is one day at a time for me in, all areas of my life. I could slip at any moment. Do I feel better? Absolutely. Feel a difference in my shorts? Maybe a tiny bit. Is that enough to keep me going? I imagine not. Time will tell, Smart enough to know that for me, this time it feels different is for a day and a day, only