long pants, short attention spans...

A little impromptu photo session on a Sunday night... sounded doable. Considered a
few woodsy places before heading out to the lake where we had been so successful before.

Some 300 photos later, looks like we may have a few keepers. Trying to get three kids to look at you, all at the same time is quite the feat. Too many distractions and with 90 degree weather and long pants...well, you get the picture.

Add in some internet issues and you have a full day. Some days are like that. Your eye may be on the prize but it is wandering quite a bit. Like when you are headed to a room and by the time you get there, you don't remember why you were there. DH's attention span is never shorter than at a stoplight. He will readily admit to this shortcoming and just works around it.

As for me, it looks like a checkerboard. Always jumping over something to get to the next thing. Rarely is my mind still, and never happier than when it is jumping mental hurdles.

So I got quite the thinking work out last night with these three. They keep me on my toes and ready for more. You would never get me in long pants in August but other than that, I am so with their short attention spans ...what was I saying?