Little Black Cloud...

Dear Little Black Cloud,

I realize bad is in the world. I realize that by believing in Jesus, that doesn't necessarily change the scenery or the outcome, just the Journey. I fully understand that even if the Big Plan was set out for me, I wouldn't be able to comprehend it. The good and lovely is all fine and well. Can you look at the mountains and wonder how they were made? Or could you see all that the oceans hold and think it happened by accident? It is easy to believe, then. It is when after reading Genesis and we understand where this is all going, that it gets a bit more difficult. Because there are,

bad doctors
bad teachers
bad policemen
bad neighbors
bad coaches
bad preachers
bad friends
bad mothers
bad fathers
and bad people, in general.

It starts not long after the Garden, things start to go way wrong. If you read any news today, you probably heard about a mother whose 2 little sons are dead and it appears to be no accident. All this to say, LBC, go peddle your wares elsewhere. This girl is more than aware of what can go wrong and how quickly it can happen. Unshakable faith is what I am striving for. No raining on my parade today, try as you may. With Jesus, you are either in or out - today, totally in. Also, stay away from those on my mind today. They are covered by the blood of the Lamb too...zalaine.