first day of school...

There was much trepidation last week as all three kids started school. One in kindergarten and one in junior high was enough to put us all on high alert. We had to be out of the house by 7ish and as it has been since the beginning of time, there was enough excitement that first day that we could have floated to school.

Keaton has the early schedule and as I stood back with Gage and Morgan, we watched mommy and daddy flank Keaton on either side as if that would protect him from all things, high school. Gage turned to me as he watched this tender moment and said, they grow up so fast. Quite the philosopher he is.

There was an hour to kill before Gage entered 2nd grade and Miss M started kindergarten so we headed for the coffee shop. A little refreshment and we headed back for the second chapter to our morning. I had the privilege of overseeing Gage's entry into Mrs Davis's class. One look at Mrs Davis and at Gage;s face and it was clear to see, this was going to be a Love Story of epic proportions. He was smitten and I imagine, by the look on his face, it is going to be a great year.

Miss M is going from a preschool class of 10 to kindergarten with 27. She is use to hugging her teacher and feeling the Love. Where everyone know her name and loves her in a most wonderful way. I am sure they will love her in kindergarten, as soon as they know she is there. Time will tell but she is a trooper and hopefully, will ride with the wind.

Everyone had a good day. Good enough to go back for another day. Then the weekend and tomorrow, they will start a new week, a longer week. No more floating, they may have to be more than encouraged by the end of the week. The one thing they will take with them is the promise of prayer, everyday they go to school, the promises of God will follow them.

For them to remember whose they are and how much they are loved. That God is watching over them and nana is making sure of it every morning. There are no surprise promises of safety, or that they will always have someone to play with or that their teacher will be nice to them but they will never be not covered by the One who made them and loves them best. First day of school, last day of school - covered every day. I promise...