the moments of our life...

A picnic, trip to the zoo and to top it off, Ben and Jerry's. A flawless day where everything was fun. Didn't even wait for the next shoe to drop, we just flew thru the day, enjoying every Moment.

DH got word today that an old work friend of his, passed. By his own hand. The grapevine says he had personal problems. Something happened and it ahppened fast. Or did it? How much do we really know about each other? Some wear depression like an comfy old suit and you can feel them a mile away. Some, never leave a clue. I only knew him as the guy who would take our old computers and printers are refurbish them for schools. He had left the company a month ago, looking forward to a new job. What happened to bring about this tragedy may never be known.

We each, have to decide whether the moments of our life have value.
We each, have our demons to fight.
We each, will leave a legacy.

Whatever a day in our life brings, we have to make a choice about it. Some days are better than others. Some are so hard, it doesn't seem possible to survive it. For me, I have comet to the conclusion that everything about my life is one day at a time. Today was more than fabulous, tomorrow may be the worst day I could ever imagine. The only difference in either day is my response. The Moments of our lives, are all we have, good or bad, there are all we have...