old friends...

Instead of taking social cues from people your age, take cues from people ten and twenty years older than you. Are you looking for a church that has a lot of people who are your age so you can hang out? That’s fine, but try looking for one where most of the people have families and perhaps a little grey hair. Why? Because the sooner you can relate to their priorities, the sooner you’ll be ready for the next stage of life. I’m in my late thirties but I’m more interested in hanging out with people who are retired. What’s it teaching me? It’s teaching me what matters later in life is friendships, family and love. In matters of faith, what matters to them is not theological debate, but closeness with Jesus and unity with believers. Donald Miller.

Not sure but this might explain why my friends, for the most part, are 10 years younger than I am. For me, it was all about my mental age which is nowhere close to my physical age. Don't assume I am exactly proud of being a bit immature but it is what it is. I do, however, believe staying childlike is essential to living a healthy life, no matter what your age.

If one is able to be in touch with their childlike self, they understand,

that there is Something to learn everyday.
that you never know what is going to happen
that telling the truth or some form of it, doesn't always bet you out of trouble.

I understand what Donald Miller is saying and for a long time, prayed for that older, retired woman to come into my life. It never happened, and now I think, I have become her. I worry about what I share, and hope to never hurt. Hoping to make you think and then, decide for yourself.

Reading Loving Frank by Nancy Horan for bookclub and as I got in deeper and deeper, I realized how different I would have thought about the Story if I read it 10years ago. My position has completely changed, like blue and red state change. Fiction written about the true story of Frank Lloyd Wright and his affair with Marnah Borthwick, a client's wife he met while building a home for the family.

If you go to CCC and are looking to hang around with older people, aim higher than me. I am already worried about the ones I have been given. My pension won't cover mental therapy for the all of them. I am positive that God has special grace for them and for you who read ER... at least I desperately hope so!