Say what you want about college football, and all the politics that come with it - when you come to the Broncos, Coach Pete has consistently said, One game at a time.

Listened to Coach Pete and a few of the players on the radio last night, coming home after the game. One of the players interviewed is a friend of mine's son. Have know him all my life. What I see is Shea is what I have seen in other BSU players - they have taking Coach Pete's words to heart. One Game At A Time. It is a pretty humble bunch of young guys who are learning skills that will work well for them long after they leave football.

One game at a time. There is Something each of us could learn, has nothing to do with football.

One game at a time.
One test at a time.
One person at a time.

One day at a time. The Big Picture really is, one game at a time. It is not about where we are going to be in five years, it is about where we are today. What are we doing today? Who are we loving today? What is important today?

Not monumental in theory but obviously tough to pull off. Maybe we should take Coach Pete's words to heart. Go Broncos!