In Lightroom, they are called presets. The cool thing is you can very simply apply the same preset, to different photos. One would think that a black and white photo would be pretty simple but until you start post processing photos, you have no idea how many variations of black and white there are.

Same presets applied to each of these photos and look how different they are. Two were taken at the same location and the other one, under similar conditions. Here is what I am getting at - we have a hard time understanding each other when it comes to God and who he is. There have been wars, large and small over what he looks like to what he would do. As I processed these photos, I thought about all our differences and how amazing it is that we ever can agree on anything and why more bible studies don't end in fist fights.

The truth is, he looks different to each of us. There is no way we will ever agree on most things. Each of our experiences forms who we are and what we believe and those opinions are very, very strong. I imagine that Jesus means it to be that way of he would have cleared that up, pretty quick. So, it falls to us to learn to live together, accepting those things about each other that we can't change and having the wisdom to know, what our journey is to look like. That is what I am learning as Jesus gets bigger in my life. Less to defend, nothing to prove. He is who he says he is and he is working in your life and my life. Different paths, different scenery and different experiences. We are to share our different, not defend it. We are to follow our own path, not the path of others. Love em and let them go. Share what you have seen not jump on their journey. This is tougher to do than to type.

This little exercise has helped me more than I can say. To see it in black and white, is right up my alley. Need to remember this next time those feelings come rushing back. Each of these photos are wonderful on their own. They don't have to match, or compete. The light is different in each one....It always come back to the Light, doesn't it?