1.The aggregate of past events.
History repeats itself if we don’t learn from its mistakes.
Holes in your pant pockets turn your coins into history.

2.The branch of knowledge that studies the past; the assessment of notable events.
He teaches history at the university.
History will not look kindly on these tyrants.
He dreams of an invention that will make history.

3.(computing) A record of previous user events. I visted a great site yesterday but forgot the URL; oh! ... luckily I didn't clear my history.

So many kinds of history not just the one we all learned in high school which we were at the mercy of whoever got to write the textbooks with their personal slant or agenda. I imagine if I read a 6th grade history book on Abraham Lincoln today, it would include much I didn't know and maybe even some stuff that wasn't true. Sounds semi-paranoid but the only history I really trust is the one I know firsthand.

We all have history with people, places and things that affect our everyday lives. From the doctors we go to, to the stores we shop and to the friends and family we visit with. Our daily lives take cues from our personal history and no amount of input from someone else's history will sway us, if we already have our own. If we ask someone about their history with x, y or z, we may go that direction based on their information. If it is a good experience, we will share with other. Ok, we will share with others - NO MATTER WHAT but it will either have a positive or negative theme and then it is packed away in our history minds for total recall whenever deemed necessary.

I admit, I am not terribly interested in most of the world's history. The History Channel only plays on DH's TV, I have mentally blocked it on the other one. I know I am missing a lot that might change my mind but that is a risk I am willing to take and will stay with Grey's Anatomy and Outsourced. There is plenty of history in my everyday life that I have to live with and not room for much more.

Now, Genesis and Job are another matter. There is Some Great Stuff right there. This explains my today life and affects my tomorrow life. The Stories of Adam and Eve is like no other. All of think we could and would have done a better job even our crazy relatives. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? God didn't use big words - just don't do this one thing - who couldn't follow those instructions without using a lot of brain power! Job, on the other hand. had it a bit tougher in many ways. Not only in experience but some pretty, bad advice from friends. Who know what would have happened if he had a empty garden and could have had time to think?

History, a big part of who we are and in turn, who we will be. Pay attention when you can...