What is the difference...

... between trust and faith? Grown son to his stunned mom...

My friend didn't know how to answer him. The dictionary he had consulted said they were virtually, the same. As I listened to her, my immediate response was, No - they aren't. .

As his questions rolled around in my head, I came home and consulted my favorite go to source, Wiktionary.




obligation of loyalty.

None of that helped and I finally figured out what it was that made me feel so strongly and burst out with my original strongly felt, No.

It comes down to this for me - trust happens when something either physical or emotional satisfies you. When it is proven to you, that it is ok to trust based on an experience that makes it Real for you. Faith is the exact opposite. There is no proof,and no manifestation but a sense that in spite of it all, faith is chosen regardless of proof. Trust is proof-realized and faith is proof-less acceptance.

Have my issues with both trust and faith. Have more issues with trust than faith, because trust demands answers and I am ruthless when looking for answers. Not one of life's journey's that I particularly love. Makes sleeping difficult, chasing the elusive conclusions that I am so looking for. Life is not always a puzzle to solve and we all have different ideas, of what we need to know. This is just my Story...