13 minutes...That is how long I waited for the train to move today. When I pulled up, I was the only one there. At least 10 cars had turned back because the train wasn't moving but for me, the detour was too far and I had time. Time to wait. Car after car would come up behind me and turn around. I just sat there entertaining myself with the radio and the graffiti on the rail cars around me. And thought about the Chilean miners who may see daylight tomorrow for the first time since August 5.

Originally, it was said they would be lucky to get out by Christmas, then Thanksgiving and now, in the next few days. They have been training them to face the media. Many already have book and movie deals. Some, like the guy with a wife and girlfriend waiting for him, have some explaining to do. There are counselors standing by to reunite the families and help the miners transition back to their new normal. There is an order as to who comes out first to last - not sure how that was decided. Makes my 13 minutes look a bit puny.

As I stared at the train, thinking about life and the minors, I asked myself the question, What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for to pass?
What are you waiting for to happen?
What are you waiting for before you move?

Not sure of the answers to any of those questions but do think that at any given time, we are all waiting for Something, that is causing us to do nothing. Waiting for the green light to proceed to take the next step is always a bit challenging and scary. We don't always use our waiting time to its full potential and then we are caught off guard when the train starts to move. Caught off guard, we're not sure hope to proceed but the guy honking behind us makes it clear, it is time to go.

Checking to see where I am waiting and if it is time to make a move. Maybe it iwll be a long term wait, some kinds of waits are open ended. Some are self induced, knowing how to tell the difference is priceless. Might might need only 13 minutes, some over 2 months and some, well it might just take forever...