Joy to the World...

We had our solo sleepovers Thursday and Friday nights. Keaton went first and the next night was Gage's turn. They have such different interests so we take turns taking each of them by themselves and doing whatever they want. With Poppa, they picked the same thing - they each had 2 hours of video time, sharing their knowledge with Poppa. My duty during this time is to keep the snacks coming and I am happy to do so. My turn comes the next day, they get to pick 3 or 4 places they want to see and off we go. With Keaton, it is bookstores and shopping for video games. With Gage is is all about going to Cabela's and the bird store.

Saturday, after Cabela's we headed to McDonalds's for lunch. Gage got out all the animals he had purchased and we were turning them on their bellies to read their official animal names. When I read "bullfrog", the same song went thru both of our brains at the same time and about then, it started to come out of mouths.

As we both sang in the middle of the restaurant, I am thinking, When has this kid been listening to Three Dog Night and How Did I miss it? . I was relieved when he said he learned it on Dora The Explorer . Thankfully, there were some changes to the lyrics where there needed to be. As we sang it for the second time, his face broke out in the biggest grin - he could not have been happier. We had a great day.

The preacher talked today about if we have Jesus in our lives, we already have everything we need. We don't have to change our behavior to do or not do a certain thing - He will take us where we need to be. We find ourselves singing His Song and together, we do what we were meant to be. We might even discover a big grin passing across our faces...Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, Joy to you and me.