pomp and circumstance...

is something one should experience every few years. As soon as you hear that first note, you are magically transported back to your own high school years and when you look back - what a memory!
Their speeches were littered with thanks to family and teachers for support. As with most graduations presentations, their words were full of hope and pride for the future. There is Something unique about this season of your life. They shared songs that reflect that thinking - Invincible, and Find Your Wings. They see the future as only one can wearing a cap and gown. It might be the only time in your life when anything is possible and you are scared to death, all at the same time.
My favorite moment of any graduation is when they let loose and throw their caps in the air. All those rehersals. Practicing all those names, finally it is over and their Real Life is about to begin.
That night was 38 years ago for me. June 13, 1969. Somewhere there is a class picture of the event. When we moved from our first house, it was several months later - the family who bought the house found the picture and got it back to me. We spent grad night at Disneyland - I lived a stone's throw from the place. They locked us in and because the park was only open to our school, we didn't have to wait in line for anything.
The class of 2007 will do fine and I would imagine that in 38 years, they will look back and when they hear Pomp and Circumstance, it will bring them back to this night. Go Bulldogs!