burn out...

Consider myself burnt. Crispy.

You see, the church is comprised of several groups of people. Some are in search of God. Some are in search of community. Some are in search of healing. Some would appear to be there to tell you all the things you’re doing wrong. It’s comprised of broken people who need care. Not everyone of course. Many have turned in their bibs long ago and have totted aprons ever since, but some will need, need, need. As hard as I try, I cannot separate the empathy gifting/cursing I’ve been given from my own attitude. I wear the weight of other people on my shoulders and sometimes it just gets too heavy.

If these words ring a bit true in your ears, you know where he is coming from. He will tell you that he knew all about being burnt out and fell in the trap anyway.

Who hasn't been there is some way or some Season of their lives? Burnt to a crisp - most certainly have been there. It is also called at the end of your rope. Nowhere else to run or hide. Like a dead-end street. Time to face the music and admit, you need a map.

Can't get that quote of my head..or the theory. All we do, think, are is wrapped up in trying to be a good person, as best we can without too much inconvenience. If in convenience is not a problem, then we are getting some pretty good jollys from all the doing, thinking and being and, that is a whole other problem.

If you have been in this guy's shoes, would you say a pray for him? If you have ever experienced the wrath of burn out, say a prayer for yourself. You see, when we are down is when we have the opportunity to learn the most. I want him to get that burnt smell out of his head and begin to be able to smell the roses again. I want the same thing for you and me too...