live a better Story...

Living a Better Story Seminar from All Things Converge Podcast on Vimeo.

I have Story written all over me. The ones I have shared and the ones, I haven't
(lucky you!). My Story is filled with crazy people and unbelievable tales that you couldn't imagine to be true, if you hadn't lived them first hand. My friend, on the other hand, doesn't think her Story is worth telling. Normal parents and a pretty good childhood, she hasn't discovered that developing her Story would be good for her and those around her.

So, how do we both learn to develop our Stories and share with the world? I am thinking that ying and yang could benefit from a bit of help and that help could come in the form of Portland's Donald Miller. Could we learn it Somewhere else? Of course we could .... but just maybe, together - we can come back and by telling a better Story, we could change our worlds.

That is all we really have to offer each other, the truth that we are all in the same boat in the same ocean. Some Stories may seem more exciting or scary, but the truth is - our journey's are more alike than they are different.

Will I promise to come home and start booking seminars on, How I Went To See Donald Miller And I Will Never Be The Same? No, but I do promise to come back and live a better My Story and I imagine that Mrs Dean will do the same.

PS. A few years back, Mrs Dean handed me a book and said, You will either hate it or love it - but this is you. The book was Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. Enlightment came in an instant and that is what I want for her. Thanks for the opportunity!

PS2. Mrs D, pack a bag just in case. If we can't get to Oklahoma and Pioneer Woman - maybe we will have a chance with Portland and the BLZ guy!