partied out!

We have been celebrating Keaton's 11th birthday for the last 2 days.Donuts, movie, Red Robin, water, kids, 2 cakes, family and friends. In between all that, we managed to pick up an electric guitar. When we left the party today, the therometer said 98 degrees. No wonder everyone seemed a little out of it.

The boy is growing up and the reality is, we have to grow up too. We have to grow with our kids. If we don't, it can be lethal. Tough words but if you have even seen what happens when a parent refuses to grow up, it is not a pretty sight.

Pretty sure I didn't learn it very well with my girl. By the time she got married, I had learned that while she will always be my daughter, she was now Chad's wife and if a marriage is going to work, it is about two people. Of course they bring their families with them but nobody understands what that means...for a while.

It is hard to watch your kids grow up but it is harder to grow up yourself. Want healthy kids? Learn it and learn it fast...