Had just spent some time talking about how often we forget how big
God is and how our lives sometime, don't reflect that. Specifically to what lengths we go to protect kids from most everything, that is not our own particular religion.

I did feel that way when my girl was growing up. I felt like any ideas that our church didn't agree with, it was curtains for her. We warned her against boys of different religions and how they would try to pull them in. I was a basket case but mainly, my God was too small.

When your God is too small, you hold on tighter.
When your God is too small, there is no balance.
When your God is too small, so is your world.

A bit later, I got home and was chilling out when I heard a Big Bang! It sounded like someone had busted the front door open with a bat. Looked in the kitchen and the back slider had started cracking. I watched as one crack lead to another and some 15 minutes later, you could still hear the audible sound of more and more and more cracks. With the bathroom fix, this was certainly another blow to us financially.

Called DH and we lamented our recent run of bad luck but as I watched that glass shatter, it reminded me of that God conversation. Sometimes, we have to shatter what we have and start new. Start by letting your God be as big as He wants in your life. You may have to shatter some ideas that you have lived your life by. May be some new journeys coming your way, new views/new do's and most of all, as you get smaller and He gets bigger, life will never be the same...and in the best ways possible.