It is not often that any of us are completely giddy. Giddy is just not a emotion that think about but when it happens, it is one we don't forget.

The kids and I were on our own today and 2 of us were in the market for some more trading cards. There was much discussion on the viability of scoring at the Goodwill as they had earlier. Miss M's store of choice after we hit the comic book store was Target. Morgan and Keaton thought it would be fun, Gage - not so much. He had his heart set on baseball trading cards at Goodwill and just couldn't move very far away from that thought.

After checking out all the girlie stuff and with eyes starting to roll back in boy's heads, we headed for the little trading card display in the front of the store. Keaton found what he was looking for but Gage, well - we have learned that with Gage, there is a Long Haul. Always. Not one to make up his mind quickly, you usually have to put a time limit and encourage him to PICK SOMETHING or else. After much deliberation and under his threat that we were going to be there a long time...he found it. 36 cards for $4.99. With his mind made up and his assurance that a trip to Goodwill was no longer necessary, we headed for the check stand.

What happened next can only be described as mind boggling. As he flipped pretty quickly thru the pack of cards, there it was. He found the Babe Ruth one, more highly coveted than the Holy Grail. Giddy doesn't begin to explain his sudden change in behavior. Not only was I the only one who could accompany him to buy trading cards anymore, but I was the best nana ever and he gushed his undying love for me. It was pure joy to witness. Of course he thought that the card was worth at least a million dollars and perhaps his dad could retire early. Even as Keaton got on the Internet and relayed that the card was probably worth nothing, that didn't damper his jubilant attitude, one bit. When I left for home, he was still flying high.

Giddy comes in all sizes and shapes. colors and shapes but the feeling is always the same. Almost as good as a belly laugh, it does us all good to experience it everyonce in a while. Next time you do, don't hold back and go for it!